The Vision

The very existence of Israel is one of the greatest miracles of our time.

On May 14, 1948, David Ben Gurion signed the Declaration of Independence together with the National Council and proclaimed the State of Israel as head of the provisional government. The images of the singing and dancing Israelis on the streets of Tel Aviv still move us today.

    “David Ben Gurion reading the Declaration of Independence” by Government Press Office (Israel) and Flickr is licensed under CC BY-SA 3.0.

    On May 14, the history of the modern State of Israel began.

    Neither the terrible tragedy of the Holocaust, nor the hostility of the nations towards the Jews and the existential threat by Israel’s neighbors were able to prevent the founding of the state.

    Throughout the more than 70 years of its history, Israel was mostly on its own.

    In view of the growing hatred of Jews and antisemitism worldwide, many Israelis ask themselves: “Where are our friends who we can really rely on and who will celebrate life in Israel with us on the streets on May 14, 2020 and who will stand by our side?”

    United to be a Light: God is calling the nations to Israel.

    “Nations will come to your light, and kings to the brightness of your dawn” (Is 60:3; NIV). The prophet Isaiah testifies that Israel is the light of the nations. What would happen if Christians from all nations came to Israel for the March of the Nations to “be light together” not only in Jerusalem but in 7 cities throughout Israel?

    We are calling you to come to Israel on the day of the foundation of the State of Israel on May 14, 2020!

    The vision began in 2018 with a March of the Nations on the 70th anniversary of Israel with 6000 participants in Jerusalem. On May 14, 2020, we will host the March of the Nations for the third time, this time in seven cities in Israel. Each city has its own story to tell and is a symbol for the entire country.

      In the cities you will meet people who have brought forth the State of Israel with their lives; Holocaust survivors and their families, pupils, students, soldiers and participants from all walks of Israeli society.

      The encounters and the common statement on the street become an unmistakable message in Israel: “Israel, you have many friends in our nation! Israel, you are not alone!”

      What to expect at the March of the Nations:

      • Be prepared through the groundbreaking conference in Haifa: When the power of the Holy Spirit, Jewish life and reconciliation come together.
      • Delve into the founding history of Israel: The Night to Honor Israel with a special performance of the Exodus 1947 Musicals along with guests from politics and society.
      • Experience Israel firsthand: unforgettable personal encounters with Holocaust survivors and their families.
      • Be an ambassador for your nation: unique Marches of friendship with thousands of Israelis in seven cities of Israel.

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